About us - Our strength is collaboration

Years before joining forces, our staff were reflecting on designing artificial minds which can grasp the structure of morality, working on improving the integrity of digital systems in robust ways, and architecting intricate cloud infrastructure spanning multiple continents. Today, we work together to address some of the most pressing challenges at the intersection of AI, security, and infrastructure.

Our name is a reference to the notion of noema, which denotes the object of thought. We believe that developing infrastructure for sculpting artificial thought in equitable, prosocial ways is critical to enabling an enduring adoption of advanced artificial intelligence.

Our culture - Mission-driven.

Despite our complementary backgrounds, we're driven by the same underlying values.

  • Responsibility. We tackle some of the most pressing challenges in the world, and take full ownership of the effects of our actions.
  • Agency. We are goal-driven and constantly on the lookout for high-leverage affordances to help us achieve our objectives more readily.
  • Craftsmanship. We strive for excellence in what we do, and celebrate attention to detail even when our work takes place behind the scenes.


Stay up-to-date with resources, announcements, and opportunities at the intersection of AI, security, and infrastructure.

Deconfusing AI-based IAM & IAM for AI Capabilities

Exploring the distinctions between AI-based Identity and Access Management and IAM for AI capabilities. How do these concepts intersect, and what are their implications?

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Introducing Pinboard

We’re excited to share Pinboard, a command-line tool that streamlines workflows for developers working with generative systems. Learn how Pinboard can help you manage file references, request in-place file updates, and boost productivity in codebase-level development tasks.

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Help us pioneer enduring infrastructure to enable a more equitable AI ecosystem. We are looking for ambitious individuals who are excited about building the future.